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Why We're the Best

Flux Teck is a web design agency in Fort Collins, Colorado using a unique set of tools that helps us create a better product than the competition. A website designed by Flux Teck will:

  • Load Faster

    Our apps take less time to load because we don't use languages like PHP.

  • Get More Traffic

    Our apps get more traffic because our websites are SEO friendly. Learn why here

  • Behave like an App

    Just like an app, your website will navigate from page to page instantly!

Not convinced? Check out our blog post, here, explaining how we can do all this.

Owner and developer, Jonathan Emig

Lead Developer

This is Jonathan. He's the owner and lead developer at Flux Teck. He's studying both Engineering and Physics at Colorado State University. Like many developers these days, he is self taught.

Senior Developer

This is Dan, a senior developer with over 12 years of experience. He is Flux Teck's first developer and his experience is what makes this company the professional, well oiled machine that it is.

Senior developer, Danny Hurlburt


Flux Teck provides a free estimate for every project as well as free consultation through the entire span of the project. The success of your project is our number one priority. We also know that many companies have the tendency to go over the budget, and so we also provide a fixed price for every project that goes through our doors.

Price Expectation

We can't predict how much your project will cost until you let us know what your project is, but for most applications, you can use the following rule to get a very rough idea of what the project will cost. For most websites, it will cost about $750 per page that we create.

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